Project Management

  • Middlebury River Hazard Mitigation Project
  • Lake Champlain Byway Interpretation Coordination Planning
  • Waitsfield Municipal Project Manager Community Wastewater Project
  • Paddler Specific Invasive Species Outreach Project
  • Middlebury River Habitat Restoration post Tropical Storm Irene
  • Chittenden County Stream Team Pilot Project
  • Lewis Creek Showcase Watershed Initiative
  • Ripton River Erosion Protection Project
  • Partnered with the National Wildlife Federation to complete the Upper River Stewardship Project, planting trees on over two miles of private riverfront properties and three miles of Forest Service ownership*
  • Secured the protection of over 1,000 acres of farmland/open space**
  • Created, developed and organized the fifteen mile Trail Around Middlebury (TAM) project **

*While serving as Executive Director of White River Partnership
**While serving as Executive Director of Middlebury Area Land Trust

Natural Resource and Conservation Planning

  • Beaver Brook Conservation Plan
  • Conservation Planning for the Town of Middlebury (a Middlebury College Winter Term Class)
  • Middlebury Hazard Mitigation Plan
  • Burlington Open Space Plan Update



Watershed Assessment

  • Phase 1 Stream Geomorphic Assessments: Whetstone Brook, Lemon Fair River, New Haven Tributaries; Berm inventory on the Ball Mountain Brook
  • Phase 2 Stream Geomorphic Assessments: Ball Mountain Brook, Rock River, New Haven Tributaries, Whetstone Brook, White River
  • General Consultant to the State of Vermont for Phase 1 and Phase 2 Stream Geomorphic Assessments
  • Water Quality Monitoring – Completed a watershed based, water quality monitoring data summary and report of four years of water quality data for the White River Partnership, including temperature, turbidity, conductivity, cross-sections and E. coli and made recommendations for future action

River Corridor Planning and Restoration

Analyze and map geomorphic data to tell the watershed story and establish and implement restoration and conservation priorities.

Work with landowners to implement reach-scale restoration projects:

  • Vermont Economic Resiliency Project – Team Leader Brattleboro
  • Woodford/Walloomsac Corridor Plan
  • Middlebury River habitat restoration post Tropical Storm Irene
  • Route 125 Benefit/Cost analysis
  • Middlebury River
  • Whetstone Brook
  • Rock River
  • Ball Mountain Brook

Community Involvement & Facilitation

  • Municipal Project Manager Waitsfield Community Wastewater Project
  • Paddler Specific Invasive Species Outreach Northern Forest Canoe Trail
  • Initiated and coordinated volunteer and professional water quality monitoring program and written report for the White River*
  • Started four volunteer stream teams*
  • Facilitation and Coordination of the White River Partnership’s Forestry Work Group*
  • Created “Explore Our Watershed” promotional watershed map of the White River*
  • Initiated and coordinated the Upper River Pilot Project, engaging citizens in long-term, reach based river management planning *
  • Initiated and facilitated the Forestry Work Group to examine and plan for long-term forestry in the White River Watershed, integrating UVM researchers into community based-planning*

* While serving as Executive Director of  White River Partnership
** While serving as Executive Director of  Middlebury Area Land Trust