I had started wondering where the bears were. I usually see a bear or two (or two and half depending on how you count cubs) every year but had not seen one in over a year.  I had seen some great sign last July 23 when  I was walking along, lost in my thoughts…  Read More

I Know Where the Lady Slippers Are

Some of my favorite friends are in full bloom today.  I’ve been watching this group of Lady Slippers for at least the past five years – migrate, grow and thrive on the hill behind my house. I also know that when the azalea in my backyard are starting to wane, I need to pay attention…  Read More

The Daily Dog Walk

Dogs keep us grounded and remind us of what matters most in life.  They are acutely tuned into the Four Agreements – never take things personally, never make assumptions, are true to their word and always, always, doing their best. A dog’s basic needs encompass all of our own but the most important of these, which we are inclined…  Read More

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